I used to love MEDIUM but now I respect them ❤

Hand holding a remote directed to a television which has the title displayed as Netflix.
Hand holding a remote directed to a television which has the title displayed as Netflix.
Source: Unsplash

Bad news if you are a NETFLIX fan because once they failed to satisfy the deaf community. In June 2011, the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) filed suit against Netflix.


Netflix offers mail-order DVDs, which abide by FCC closed captioning rules, but its “Watch Instantly” online streaming service was not captioned.

Anddd the good news is they settled it! But how?


Agreeing to put captions on 100 percent of its video library by 2014.

Also, not only the hearing impaired, but this is to cater the visually impaired audience as well. They started providing “audio description” for many popular…

Glimpse of My Research Journey

Man standing on a raft floating on waters in an area surrounded by mountains. Image courtesy: Unsplash

Do you know what a raft is? It looks like this (the image to your left or top), just a bundled set of wooden planks. I pushed it into the gushing waters, climbed into it and settled down on it. I had nothing but with just my hands I paddled it.

Two months ago before the raft, I had a plan for a boat that fits more people. I thought I was in a team but guess I was wrong. They said ‘NO’ to me after giving me hopes. Few more said ‘NO’ to me. …

Covid cases in Australia

Hi! I am a noob to R and Data Viz. This is me trying to share what I figured out while trying out the cool stuff taught at R Ladies Meetup in Sri Lanka, conducted by Data Analyst, Stephanie Kobakian on “Around the world in 30 minutes” (Map creation with R). Refer: https://srkcolombo.netlify.app/#1

This article provides ggplot manipulations with,

01 | Reversing palette

02 | Labelling

03 | Gradients

04 | Rainbow or no rainbow palette

05 | Color deficiencies

Context: Covid cases in Australian regions

Code looks like this and the full code is available in the link,

Important part of code to focus is only the code in bold below.

world <- map_data(“world”) Australia <- world %>%…

and how I survived it

Cartoon character ‘Sadness’ in Inside out Movie (Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/695946948641934055/)

Most of you all know that I was one of the nerdy kids in the class. I might have been the smartest kid in the class but I was not the most creative. Don’t laugh now! Save it for later!

When I was 9 years old there was this local TV show, which showcased different creations sent by kids, particularly, essays and poems. They give a topic each week. Then you gotta write and post, which they reads out next week with some feedback. I was the nerdy kid who did not fancy these kind of shows but watch a…

The ‘Why? What? How?’ of Paradox of Success

Image of an airplane gliding through sky with smoke coming out of it

On 15th January 2009 around 3.25 pm US Airways flight 1549 takes off from LaGuardia airport. The flight was led by Captain ‘Sully’ and his co-pilot Jeoffrey. The sky looked clear and bright but unfortunately a flock of birds got stuck in the wings and the engine got turned off.

Design for one and for all

Source: http://www.returnofkings.com/111350/are-there-too-many-men-for-women

Yesterday I went to buy a soft toy for a small kid. So I went to a big supermarket, which has many things including toys. In the toy section I was looking hard whilst walking through the aisle but I didn’t find the spot at first.

NooB Research Lab #2

This is about 3 Mantra you should memorize after knowing the true meaning

I want to find answers to …

If you are stuck in finding your soulmate, trust me finding a research problem is even harder than finding a soulmate! Just kidding!

So if you are stuck there, check my first article on this series here.

Kind regards from a customer

You have mentioned that,

To do serious research | NooB Research Lab #1

Hi all! (and to many amateur researchers who secretly scrawled in since they are about to start a research as well)

Well, the question we were asked to solve is ‘what is your research problem?’

But the real problem was actually ( I’m pretty sure many would agree on this)

How to find a research problem?

Yeah google it! Well, you will get all sort of suggestions and punch me on my face if those are not teaching you how to ‘define or write a research question’.


This is how I started… Trying to figure out what UX really means!

Day 01

Madhuka De Silva

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